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Q. Does findcamps cost anything to parents and kids?

A. No, it’s free.

Q. Does findcamps cost anything to camp providers?

A. Our listing services are currently free for all camp providers for an initial period of 3 months with certain limitations on content volume. Making a listing is just a few minutes process and in return you will reach 100s of parents and kids who are specifically searching on our site for camps (i.e. an interested audience).

So, create your listing TODAY and let the world know about your wonderful camps and activities. In future, we may provide certain premium services or tiers.

Q. Is my usage of findcamps.in subject to any terms or rules?

A. Yes, by using the site, you agree to abide by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These are available for you to review during the sign up process any available as links from our home page.

Q. Does findcampsconduct camps?

A. We do not offer camp services ourselves. We may offer allied activities and services in this industry from time to time. Our mission is to be a platform to connect camp providers with parents and kids, by aggregating the information and providing a search engine.

Q. Can I book or pay for camps on findcamps?

A. We may provide a seamless registration facility in future. At present, you can show your interest in a given camp and then we will forward your contact info to the camp provider so they can reach you.

Q. Have you done any quality checking on the camp providers?

A. Our position being that of an information aggregator, we rely solely on the camp information provided by the camp providers and do not perform separate quality checks. As a parent and customer, you should ask all the relevant questions to a camp provider to decide whether it is the right one for you. We do not take any responsibility towards your camp experience, value for money, quality,safety, or any difficulties in the camp. For such concerns, you as a customer must perform the necessary validation check on the camp provider.

Q. Can findcamps help or guide me to find the right camps, apart from the search engine?

A. We intend to provide a customized service for this in future.

Q. I don’t see any camps (or very few camps) matching my search criteria.

A. Try broadening your search criteria (e.g. too many keywords in the search box will restrict search results). Also encourage any camp providers you know, to list on findcamps, so that in future you can track their camps effortlessly.